Here’s the secret to getting things done

Here’s the secret to getting things done

Although this article is ostensibly about “getting things done” and productivity…I’m confident that all the recommendations are also very relevant to creating more happiness!

Success and happiness overlap considerably, and so if you want more of either or both then keep reading…

via by Christie Mims

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to accomplish their goals effortlessly?

Or, how some people seem to get promoted or recognized while you work nights and weekends without recognition?

Or even how some people make work look easy, while you feel like you can’t get on top of your email?

How do these magical people do it?

How do they seem to reach big goals while you stay stuck?

If you’ve struggled with these questions, you aren’t alone!

But fortunately, I have some good news: The solution to making your goals come true starts with athletes. No really–stick with me (even if you hate sports).

I found myself in an internet hole recently and came across quite a few articles on how athletes prepare for big events (here’s one if you’re curious, and here’s another.

Short of all of the lucky socks, stretching, moments of silence, it all boils down into one word: routine…

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