How to stop betraying your goals and start achieving them

How to stop betraying your goals and start achieving them

We all know about goal setting.

And we all know that setting and working towards meaningful goals will boost our happiness and success.

But we all also know, if we’re honest with ourselves, that there are many times we undermine ourselves, our happiness and our success by allowing distractions to interfere with what we should be doing to accomplish what we want to accomplish.

So what?

Well if you want more happiness and success then this great article shows us how…

via The Huffington Post by Favour Abalogu

It’s frustrating.

You attempt countless times to accomplish, at least, one goal daily. But at the end of each day, you go back to the list, and your goals welcome you with a frown.

You just betrayed them, once again.

Although you promised to set them loose by accomplishing them, you failed to keep your promise.

Now, your goals lay inert.

Waiting to be achieved. Waiting to be completed. Waiting to be attended to.

Some months ago, you were all fired up. Ready to crush every goal that crossed your path.

But today, the reverse is the case. You’ve become so weak that you even find it hard to mute the evil voice within you that says you are nothing but a loser.

You now believe you can’t set goals and achieve them. In fact, you’ve concluded in your heart that people who succeed at crushing their goals are extraordinary beings.

But the truth is:

You are just as “extraordinary” as the millions of people around the world who set goals and crush them.

The only problem is, they know what works—but you don’t.

All you know is that every goal you set must be:

Specific (S). Measurable (M). Achievable (A). Realistic (R). Time-bound (T).

Granted, the goals you set must be SMART. But there are other useful tips you must know before you can achieve any goal.

Below are these tips…

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