What if you were to think of happiness as a skill that you can develop?

What if you were to think of happiness as a skill that you can develop?

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If you’re at a sporting event or a music concert or even if you’re just at the park watching someone do something cool, do you think…

…he/she must have just been born like that (i.e. being able to play professional sport or making amazing music or ride a skateboard etc)?

Probably not! You might think they’re lucky having the right genetic make-up but you probably also understand that they’ve had to work hard and had to practice a lot to achieve what they’ve achieved (just like going to the gym to get fit and strong).

Similarly, if you taste some wonderful food created by a talented chef do you think…they were just born to cook?

Probably not (again)!

Most of us understand that achieving “success” and “competence” in any area usually requires time and practice and effort (in the gym or in the studio or in the kitchen). So why would happiness be any different???

What if you were to think of happiness in the same way – as a skill that requires practice and diligence and “working out”? Because in my humble opinion, that’s the best way to think about it!

There’s no doubt that just as in those other areas already mentioned, “natural ability” will play some role; but there’s also no doubt that with effort and devotion happiness can be created and enhanced.

…So that’s today’s mailing. Take some time to reflect upon the message and how it might apply to you. Check out, also, the links below for some additional readings and resources.

I hope it helps you enjoy some more happiness. Until next time…

Keep well & keep smiling
Tim Sharp (aka Dr Happy)