Are you thinking straight?

Are you thinking straight?

Happiness isn’t all about “positive thinking”.

But happiness and success are far more likely for those who’s thinking is realistic and constructive; thinking that’s less bias by distortions and unhelpful “mistakes”.

The good news is we can all enjoy more happiness if we work on thinking more helpful thoughts and, even before that, identify unhelpful bias that could benefit from correction…

via LifeHack by Patrick Allen

Cognitive biases can change the way you see everything, and often in a bad way. Fortunately, just becoming aware of your biases can help you overcome them.

The “Know Thyself” poster, from Jesse Richardson at the website, covers several world view altering biases we’ve probably all suffered from. You’ll learn about “declinism,” for example, where you believe the past was better than the present, and assume the future will be worse—despite what hard facts say. Or the “just world hypothesis,” where your desire for a just world makes you believe it exists. And the “fundamental attribution error,” which is when you judge others on their character but yourself on the situation. Not cool! But at least the poster shares a few extra tips on how to avoid these sometimes-harmful mental mistakes…

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