Here’s how you can stop worrying about what other people think!

Here’s how you can stop worrying about what other people think!

Social comparison is an absolute happiness killer!

Worrying about what other people think, and what they think about you, can destroy happiness and peace of mind.

Which is why this article about how to stop is so important…


Answer by Karen Arluck, Clinical Psychotherapist in private practice, on Quora:

“Good help is hard to find”

I refer to this old saying in this case to mean that finding external validation and raising your self-esteem in the form of: people, events, accomplishments, romantic relationships etc., may not only be hard to find, but can also be an unreliable source. Essentially, this very normal craving for positive external feedback that people experience, often leads to feelings of disappointment, hurt, insecurity, anxiety, and/or other potentially negative feelings.

This can even become a type of emotional addiction, where the positive external feedback serves as the “drug”, and longer you take this drug to feel good, the more addicted you become, and higher your tolerance becomes, leading you to need more and more of it to feel the same “high.”

Isn’t it normal to want praise and reassurance from other people?

Yes! The answer is that it is absolutely “normal”. However, just because something is considered “normal” doesn’t mean that it is always a good thing. For some people, this doesn’t cause them any issues. For other people who become more reliant on it, they may find that this pattern brings them more unhappiness than it does rewards, and that they actually have very little control over how the universe around them responds to them.

What do you have control over?

What you do have control over, is the ability to retake the keys to your own happiness and other emotions, which actually comes from inside you, as opposed to from the people or circumstances around you.

How does one retake the keys to their own feelings?

Step 1: Recognize the pattern…

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