How to live a life without regrets

How to live a life without regrets

Happiness is … living your best possible life.

Happiness is … taking on life and taking on challenges.

Happiness is … saying “why not” rather than “what if”.

Happiness is … living a life without regrets…

via by Jessica Stillman

What do you think when a plane you’re traveling on hits turbulence? Maybe you pray, maybe you mentally recite the excellent safety statistics of flying, or maybe you distract yourself with daydreams. But chances are excellent you don’t have the same reaction as author Ryan Holiday.

“When I am on a plane and the turbulence hits, when a car veers out into traffic, when I hear about someone I know who died suddenly: I don’t get scared. I just think, ‘If this is it, all right,'” he reported on Thrive Global recently.

That probably strikes some as odd, but you have to admit, it’s a nice place to be. Holiday might be only 30, but when he’s confronted with the prospect of life’s end, he can honestly report he feels no regret.

How did he get to this happy point? In the lengthy post, he offers a whopping 76 rules that have helped guide him to a full and fulfilling life. It’s well worth a read (as is what scientistsand superachievers have to say about avoiding regret), but to get you started here’s a sampling of some of Holiday’s best rules.

1. Do ridiculous things.

“Some of the best decisions of my life came out of total irresponsibility and whim,” confesses Holiday. “My wife and I got a dog because I was reading a book about how Pope Leo X had a pet elephant named Hanno. That’d be a funny name for a dog, I thought. A week later, we had a miniature dachshund puppy. One of the best things I ever did.”

2. Choose the job that will teach you the most.

How do you choose a career that you won’t regret? Ask which will teach you the most. “This is how I have evaluated my career and job opportunities (and book projects, too). There are lots of ways to make money, fewer real opportunities to learn,” reports Holiday…

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