20 simple ways to hack your happiness

20 simple ways to hack your happiness

via Entrepreneur by Rose Leadem

Happiness, anger, depression, anxiety, excitement — we’ve all experienced each of these emotions before. It’s part of the human condition and how we’re wired. But if we had the option to feel happy 24/7, most of us would probably choose it.

Unfortunately, that’s not exactly how it works. But, what if we were to tell you there are certain things you can do to get you closer to feeling happy all the time? Simple hacks, like taking a walk, planning a vacation and listening to music. That’s right — it’s as easy as that. Even the slightest tweaks and additions to your daily routine can boost your mood, and get you back on track.

So if you’re feeling down, check out the next 20 slides and hack your way to happiness…

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