Don’t use these “reasons” to give up on your dreams!

Don’t use these “reasons” to give up on your dreams!

It’s important to be realistic.

But it’s also important, for our happiness and wellbeing…to have dreams!

But too many of us give up on our dreams, for a variety of reasons, and thus never enjoy as much happiness as we could.

Check out these common reasons and make sure they don’t stop you…

via by Nicolas Cole

It’s a sad truth in life that the vast majority of people give up on their dreams.

Sometimes it happens early. A kid is told by his or her parents that whatever they’re aiming for is impossible to reach.

Sometimes it happens later. You get older, tired, and instead of trying to pivot once more, you decide to throw in the towel for good.

It’s sad when a dream dies. And more often than not, it dies far too soon.

If you don’t believe me, just ask those around you whether or not they’re creative–or what the last creative thing they’ve done was.

Most will say they’re not creative at all.

Many will actually try to convince you how not-creative they are.

And the majority haven’t worked on something creative in years.

Why? Because creativity is what’s linked to dreams, to imagination, to exploration.

Here are 20 sad reasons most people give up on themselves:

1. They fear being judged by those they care about for failing.

Fear of failure, in itself, is debilitating. But that fear is almost always rooted in fear of rejection or judgment from those around them.

What you need to separate is everyone else’s fears (within themselves) and your own feelings. The two are not the same.

2. They give others the power to influence their decisions.

Instead of asking, “What is it that I truly want?” most people give that power to others.

Their parents. Their friends. Their boss.

But fast-forward 10, 20, 30 years. Will you really care what those people thought?

You have to make decisions for yourself.

3. They fail once–and never try again.

If you stop walking, how do you expect to get to where you want to go?

Once isn’t a good judge of your potential. Twice isn’t either. 100 times is still not enough.

It’s a journey. You can never “try” too many times…

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