As parents prepare to give presents to their kids; here are 10 things that are far more important!

As parents prepare to give presents to their kids; here are 10 things that are far more important!

Happiness; every parent wants it for their kids.

But happiness; is not always what we give them.

With the festive season nigh upon us, many parents will be wrapping all manner of gifts for their offspring to enjoy.

And that’s fine.

But if happiness and success is really your goal, for you and for them, then don’t forget these 10 things…

via by Jeff Haden

Think about someone who made you believe in yourself — someone who saw more in you than you believed was possible.

How did they inspire you to stop settling and start reaching for what is possible?

They gave. They gave generously. They gave selflessly. And they didn’t expect anything in return. Instead, they helped you because it made them happy to watch you succeed.

That’s what great parents do. They want their kids to be successful — and happy.

That’s why great parents …

1. Provide consistent praise.

Everyone does something well. That’s why everyone deserves praise and appreciation.

It’s easy to recognize people who do great things — they’re doing great things. (Of course it’s very possible that consistent praise is one of the reasons they’ve become great.) It’s much harder to find reasons to praise a child who simply meets your expectations.

But that’s why it’s so important to try. A few words of recognition — especially when that recognition is given publicly– could be just the nudge your child needs.

Try hard to see the good in kids — and not just yours — before they see it in themselves. You might just provide the spark that helps them reach their true potential.

2. Display extraordinary patience.

Showing patience is a great way to let people know we truly care about them. Showing patience and expressing genuine confidence is an extraordinary way to let our children know we truly believe in them.

Showing patience is a genuine gift — because, ultimately, showing patience shows how much you care.

3. Are quick to forgive.

When a child makes a mistake — especially a major mistake — it’s easy to start to view him or her through the perspective of that mistake. (I’ve definitely done that.)

But one mistake, or one weakness, is just one part of the whole person.

Want to be a great parent? Step back, set aside the mistake, and think about the whole child. Viewing any person through the lens of just one incident may forever impact how you treat that person.

To forgive may be divine, but to forget can be even more divine…

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