Finding the holiday season stressful? These tips should help…

Finding the holiday season stressful? These tips should help…

Happy holidays.

Well, they’re supposed to be happy, anyway.

And for many people the festive season, including Xmas and New Year, are often filled with happiness and joy.

But for some, they’re not. For some, rather than happiness and pleasure the festive season is filled with stress and strain. If that’s you, then these tips should provide some relief…

via by Elisa Boxer

It’s that time of year again. As if we weren’t stressed out already, here comes November with family gatherings, disrupted routines, travel tie-ups and holiday hype. Try as we might to focus on the season of giving and gratitude, tensions can run high and patience can wear thin.

While the holiday season can seem like a challenging time to stay present, the fact that external factors seem so out of control actually makes this a perfect season to practice mindfulness.

Whether you’re struggling to stay sane at the Thanksgiving table, or navigating conflicts with difficult co-workers, here are three science-backed ways to help you stave off holiday stress:

1. Mindful eating

I’ll admit, years ago when my mindfulness teacher had me chew on a raisin for a full three minutes, I felt foolish. But the exercise showed me just how little attention I was paying to my food. It’s so easy to rush through meals or snacks. And often we pay attention to whatwe’re eating, but not how.

So try this: The next time you eat something, tune in and notice the flavors and textures. Chew slowly. Try keeping the food in your mouth for a full minute. Notice how the texture of the food changes the longer you chew.

You can even try picking up food with your non-dominant hand, which increases focus and awareness by activating both brain hemispheres.

Mindfulness is all about paying attention to how things feel in the present moment, and studies show mindful eating decreases stress and increases well-being. So whether you’re sitting down to a holiday party, a work lunch, a family gathering, or snacking in your office, taking the time to slow down and eat mindfully can ease anxiety by bringing you back to the here and now…

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