7 habits to ditch before you get too far in to 2018

7 habits to ditch before you get too far in to 2018

via FastCompany by Gwen Moran

January 1  is often a time when people set goals and make plans for the next 12 months. However, it’s just as important to your health and happiness–as well as the accomplishment of your resolutions and goals–to think about what you’re not going to do anymore.

“We all have a million habits. Half of them are probably not great habits, but it’s important to understand which habits are blocking you from your important goals,” says consultant Robert “Bob” O’Connor, author of Gumptionade: The Booster for Your Self-Improvement Plan.

As you’re making your list of what you want to do in the New Year, don’t forget to also think about what you don’t want to do anymore. Here are seven habits to consider ditching when the door closes on 2017.


Many professional goals are designed to achieve traditional measures of success–a higher-ranking job, more money, or other trappings that tell people we’ve “made it.” O’Connor thinks that’s the wrong focus. Instead of focusing on how to be more successful, instead look at how you can be better at what you do.

“Success has often to do a lot to do with luck, and it certainly has to do with other people’s opinions, both of which are outside of your control. If you focus on excellence, you are focused on something that is within your control,” he says. So, work on your craft. Get better at what you do. Look for areas where you can improve and create a game plan to address them…

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