Here’s how you can maintain positivity all year!

Here’s how you can maintain positivity all year!

Happiness is…managing negative moods.

Happiness is…maintaining positive moods and a positive attitude.

Happiness is…something that requires constant work.

And happiness is…something you can enjoy more of if you do the following –

via CBC by Nicole Mahabir

During the winter months emotions can mirror the weather, feeling heavy, cold, dark and stuck. Personal motivation and inspiration may become scarce, and our hope to keep a positive perspective can turn into the tunnel vision of how to simply cope with “what isn’t working.”

Keeping a positive view on life is not pretending to be happy and hopelessly self-affirmed (I think I can, but deep down inside, I don’t really believe I can) it’s seeing things as they are, with a positive outlook about how we can create a beneficial change in our lives.

When we begin to focus on the areas of life that are not working, we can become overwhelmed and feel helpless. Seeing things as they are, not worse than they are, can help us to clearly realize the actions that need to be taken to create the change that we want. Shifting your focus to positive action, is a great way to start turning things around, for a better day.

The Mayo Clinic writes that “positive thinking lowers the rate of depression, increases longevity, gives greater resistance to the common cold, and produces better coping skills during times of stress.” An optimistic approach also creates a broader outlook in terms of seeing what is possible or achievable in life.

This year, if you want to creating lasting impactful change, you must first face the inhibiting thoughts and emotions that serve you no longer. The Dalai Lama wisely and simply states, that “Destructive emotions and thoughts do not bring inner peace.” Mindful tools can help you to face your thoughts, emotions and reality head on. They are not an escape or distraction. Instead of replacing your feelings with the entertainment of being busy, a new relationship, or another goal to achieve, start by having the courage to observe the root cause of your feelings.

The first step is to gain clarity. Then, you can create meaningful and lasting change from a place of courage, optimism and conviction. You can be positive that it may uncover the best version of you…

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