Stop these 10 things right now and enjoy more happiness

Stop these 10 things right now and enjoy more happiness

via by Matthew Jones

Be honest with yourself.

You are the problem–the one creating your own suffering. You–the voice in your head reading this, thinking about past experiences, and dreaming of the future–are the only one responsible for your pain, discomfort, and limitations.

It’s a difficult truth to stomach. Because from your point of view, you’re both the person in control and the victim to life’s unfair circumstances. It all depends on the situation.

When things are going well, you’re the captain of your ship. Avoiding obstacles and navigating your way through uncharted terrain. But when things aren’t going well, you are the victim to a cruel and unrelenting ocean.

You can’t have it both ways.

You can’t rightfully take responsibility when things are going well and then evade it when difficult circumstances occur. That’s called immaturity–an affliction from which we all suffer.

As a coach working with executives and entrepreneurs, one of my most important functions is pointing out when clients are avoiding taking responsibility for themselves. To highlight when they are dismissing thoughts and feelings that they need to experience. And to teach them how to let go of thoughts, feelings, and actions that are no longer serving their best interest.

The faster we stop doing things that prevent our growth, the faster we improve. It is that simple.

To help accelerate your growth, I’ve identified 10 things that you must stop doing. Read the list below to discover 10 ways to stop being your own worst enemy.

1. Stop pretending that you are a powerless victim to which bad things happen.

As long as you are conscious, have the ability to understand decisions, and can communicate your decision, you have the ability to make important decisions about your life. Start appreciating the power of your decisions. And make them wisely.

2. Stop fantasizing about a future that won’t occur if your current behaviors continue.

Daydreams are nice, but when your actions aren’t leading you towards the manifestation of those ideals, you’re just lying to yourself. At that point, you’re avoiding reality and pretending that you’ll be happy some day in the future, while simultaneously not making any real changes. That’s a recipe for unhappiness and regret.

3. Stop caring about what everyone else thinks. And Does. And says.

Don’t allow popular opinions to dictate your life–the masses are satisfied with a mediocre existence. Embrace your unique talents. Follow your intuition and do what works for you, even if it means breaking away from mainstream ideologies…

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