Would you like to connect better with your emotions? Here are 7 ways how!

Would you like to connect better with your emotions? Here are 7 ways how!

Happiness isn’t feeling good ALL the time.

Happiness IS enjoying positive emotions; but happiness is also understanding and managing “negative” emotions.

OR … happiness is connecting better with ALL emotions.

And if this is something you’d like to do better, then here are 7 ways how…

via Psych Central by Margarita Tartakovsky 

Sitting with feelings like sadness or anger or anxiety might be the last thing you want to do. Because they’re uncomfortable. Because it hurts. Because you’re just so tired. Because you feel fragile and exposed. Because you feel ridiculous. Because you’re already frustrated. Because you don’t know how. In fact, many of us don’t know where to start. We don’t know what it looks like to feel a feeling because we simply haven’t done it or done it all that much.

This is when using different techniques to connect to our emotions and express them can help. The below techniques use drawing and/or writing. And they give us different options and different perspectives, depending on what we’re able to explore and feel at the time.

  1. List the sensations you feel. Try not to judge these sensations. Simply write down what you’re experiencing. Try to pinpoint the specific sensation as best as you can. Tightness in my chest. Buzzing in my head. Tension in my shoulders. Sweaty, shaky hands. Lump in my throat. Throbbing heart. Burning ears. If it helps, put on headphones, and turn on classical music or any song that seems to help you connect to yourself. Or scan your body, asking yourself, “What am I feeling in my head, neck, shoulders, arms, fingers, chest, stomach, legs, feet?”
  2. Draw an outline of your body and put an X where you feel the emotion. You also can use crayons to color in the area using a color that precisely portrays what your emotion feels like. For instance, maybe you use purple or black to depict your sadness. Maybe you use red to depict your anxiety because it feels like you’re on fire…

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