Double your relationship satisfaction with this ONE simple tip

Double your relationship satisfaction with this ONE simple tip

Happiness is many things to many people.

But in one way or other, happiness (for all of us) includes the extent to which we’re satisfied with the people in our lives.

So if you want to be happier; here’s how you can improve the quality of your relationships…

via by Melanie Curtin

There are a lot of reasons to get married. One is being in love. Another is wanting the tax break. Yet another is the desire to publicly commit to your best friend that you will be with him or her forever, no matter what. Until death parts you.

Now, science has proven a somewhat shocking concept: that when it comes to having a fulfilling life, it’s that last part that matters the most. No, not the death part–the best friend status.

The study in question, out of the National Bureau of Economic Research, is creatively titled, “How’s Life at Home? New Evidence on Marriage and the Set Point for Happiness.” One of its main findings is that individuals who consider their spouse to be their best friend are more satisfied with their lives overall.

Twice as satisfied, as it turns out.

“[T]hose who are best friends with their partners have the largest well-being benefits from marriage and cohabitation, even when controlling for pre-marital well-being levels,” the researchers state. “The wellbeing benefits of marriage are on average about twice as large for those (about half of the sample) whose spouse is also their best friend.”

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