8 important life lessons people learn too late in life

8 important life lessons people learn too late in life

None of us are perfect.

And so none of us will get things right 100% of the time.

So to enjoy happiness and success we need to learn from our mistakes.

And if we learn our lessons sooner rather than later, we can enjoy more happiness and a better life…

via Inc.com by Matthew Jones

Following a morning hike among the serenity of red rocks, wildflowers, and mountain views, I sat in conversation with an old friend. We had an important topic to discuss. Mainly, my future career.

My friend knows that I’m a depth-oriented executive coach who has spent the last 6-plus years in graduate school earning a doctorate in clinical psychology. He knows that I spent the majority of my last two years writing my dissertation. And he knows that I have ambition–that, thanks to the shackles of graduate school, has yet to be unleashed in a professional setting.

But as we sat eating a hard-earned meal, he had one simple question for me: What’s next?

As I sat contemplating my answer–not wanting to utter empty words–I decided to speak my truth. Unfiltered, I told him about the kind of person I want to become based on the values I hold rather than the type of work I want to do.

That discussion lead to an important insight–that, to me, money doesn’t matter. Yes, I want it, but that’s not what drives me. Admiration, validation, respect. Yes, I want those, but those aren’t the most important factor either.

At the end of the day, the one thing that will make me happy is to share my voice with the world. To speak my truth no matter how difficult or uncomfortable. And to live in congruence and authenticity with my highest self.

That’s what matters to me. And I know that, from that foundation, I can build a meaningful and successful career.

Don’t get lost chasing the wrong things. Building your life from the ground up is the only way to maintain the integrity of your foundation.

Read the list below, which contains eight life lessons most people learn too late in life. They are at the core of my personal philosophy, which I hope inspires you to discover your own values and then do the hard part–practice what you preach.

1. Everything is connected. Yes, everything.

Mind, body, and spirit are all related. At the deepest and most fundamental level, we are all modifications of Consciousness.

As such, we must view challenges from a holistic perspective. And we must understand that because everything arises from a Prior Unity, we have the responsibility to treat everyone and everything with love, kindness, and respect.

2. Authenticity creates presence, confidence, and influence.

The most influential leaders are the ones that behave in ways aligned with their values. When you listen to your intuition, trust your instincts, and practice what you preach, it creates authenticity.

And that authenticity is palpable. When people feel your genuineness and sincerity, your presence creates a powerful energy that resonates with others. Like a tuning fork, others begin to follow and align themselves with your vibration…

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