9 small steps to be happier now!

9 small steps to be happier now!

via Forbes by Nancy Clark

Starting out in rocket science and computer programming, if you would have told me then that there’s a science to happiness I would have laughed. And actually that would have made me a little happier (see #7). Today there’s solid research on techniques that can increase your happiness and fulfillment in life.

I’m going to give you 9 easy techniques to do. If you’re really busy, try 5 of them. If you’re a competitive high achiever—and probably very busy—go ahead and try all 9 of them.

1) Use Your Happiness Autopilot

Researchers at Duke have found that more than 40% of your daily actions are autopilot habits that don’t use up your decision making brain power. So let’s tack a little add-on to one of those ingrained habits.

Here are 3 ideas.

  • When you put toothpaste on your toothbrush, think of 1 thing that makes you feel grateful.
  • Or when you wake up in the morning, glance at a photo that makes you feel happy.
  • Or at night, do what Christine Carter of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Center says, “After I put my head on the pillow, I will think of one good thing from my day.”

What will you choose to add to your autopilot?

2) Good Enough Instead of Perfect

Place the motto “good enough is great” in your mind. You’ll be saving time and effort and you won’t be berating yourself since you planned to adhere to your new motto. You can tell yourself, “I know I could do more with more time and more effort but it’s not necessary.” Think of that 60-page report you produced when a 10-pager would have been good enough. Easing up on yourself will add to your happiness.

3) Do What You Love

Don’t say, “When I retire, I’ll do what I love.” Instead, plan on spending some time doing things you love, even if it’s as a hobby. Decide when you can devote a little time on a regular basis. Or, is a career change needed?

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