7 habits to create to be more inspired at work

7 habits to create to be more inspired at work

It’s been said that happiness is …

… having something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for.

Happiness, for most of us therefore, includes our work because more often than not that’s a bit part of our “to do”.

Be more inspired at work, then, and enjoy more happiness by developing these 7 habits…

via the Ladders by Linda le Phan

A shocking 85% of employees say they are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work.

And although it is unrealistic to be actively thrilled by each and every day of work (even if your job or company is awesome), if you’re finding that you’re getting more and more disengaged and uninspired over time – rather than just once in a while – you should probably start doing something about it.

Here are some useful strategies to feel more inspired at work when you find yourself dreading going to work or feeling “blah” most days:

Set challenges for yourself

Settling into the same old routine may feel boring after a while, so spice things up by getting into the competitive spirit. Setting challenges for yourself is a great way to feel more motivated by your work. Think about your short, medium, and long-term goals for your career. Then, set specific, measurable, and time-limited challenges that address each of these goals. Thinking about your longer-term plans can help you feel rejuvenated and more inspired at work.

Reconnect with the company’s mission

When you first started working for your organization, you likely received on-boarding materials about the company’s mission. After months or years of the daily grind, however, that mission may have gotten lost along the way. Get re-inspired by thinking about what got you excited about working there in the first place. Post a sticky note on your computer with a quick, mission-driven mantra to repeat to yourself when you’re feeling uninspired. This helps you focus on the big picture of the work you do, even if it feels like you spend most of your time in the minutiae…

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