11 ways to take care of yourself … that don’t cost a cent!

11 ways to take care of yourself … that don’t cost a cent!

Happiness … it’s up to you!

Happiness … is not being selfish; but it does require self-care.

If happiness is at least partly about what you think and what you do, how you interact with others and how you interact with yourself … then all these things are YOUR responsibility.

Happiness is, therefore, taking care of yourself so you can then take care of others.

And here are 11 ways you can take care of yourself without spending a cent…

via Elite Daily by Georgina Berbari

Everywhere you turn these days, there’s an incredible amount of emphasis placed on self-care in the form of face masks, bubble baths, and other (ahem, overpriced) products that claim to banish your stress and help you find ~inner peace~. Honestly, though, sometimes you just don’t have the time, let alone the money for such elaborate purchases and rituals. Still, that doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself or your needs. There are so many easy ways to practice self-care that won’t cost a single penny or take up a huge chunk of your day, but will still leave you feeling centered, balanced, and brimming with self-assurance.

According to Kea Meyers Duggan, a life and career coach and the founder ofThe Aha! Project, self-care of any kind is vitally important, and should never be brushed aside. “Seemingly we are in this hustle-and-grind culture where we’re always onto the next thing, but never appreciating or taking stock in what we just accomplished,” Duggan tells Elite Daily over email. “Or, we simply fill our calendars with busy work or meetings and social events, and places where we give our time, talents, and expertise away to others before ever tending to ourselves.”

Sound familiar? Well, pouring from an empty cup, more often than not, can leave you feeling devalued, drained, and even aggravated — but that’s where simple self-care practices come in. “Self-care is a way to fill your gas tank or your cup,” Duggan says. “[Caring for yourself] is not selfish; it’s actually quite the opposite. If you are not replenishing your mind, body, and spirit, you can’t expect to be able to give effectively to others.”

Here are 11 easy self-care practices that will fill your metaphorical cup to the brim, so you can pour freely and generously, and in turn, be able to live your life as wholly as you deserve to.

Try “Box Breathing”

Learning how to breathe properly sounds like such a simple thing, but in truth, it can be such a game-changer when it comes to relieving stress, especially when that anxiety just builds and builds and builds.

Box-breathing is one of Duggan’s favorite self-care tips that she shares with her clients because it’s an incredibly easy method for grounding yourself whenever you’re feeling stressed or anxious.

One of the best things about this breathing technique, Duggan says, is that you can do it just about anywhere. Here’s how it’s done: First, exhale any air in your lungs. Slowly breathe in, filling your belly (your diaphragm, specifically) first, then your lungs, for a count of four. Duggan says it’s key here to be very intentional on your inhale. Next, hold your breath for four seconds, then exhale slowly for a count of four.

Set Healthy Boundaries

When’s the last time you set some clear and necessary boundaries in a situation where they were long overdue? Jennifer L. FitzPatrick, a licensed clinical social worker and author of the book Cruising Through Caregiving,tells Elite Daily that her top piece of self-care advice for her clients is to be more mindful of boundaries. “Many of us need more boundaries in our lives. Setting boundaries is critical for self-care, so commit to setting firm boundaries with everyone in your life,” she says.

Consider where you should be saying “no” more often in your life in order to reduce your stress. Maybe it’s in your romantic relationship, at work with your colleagues, in your family, or even in your own friendships. “When we don’t set boundaries, our schedules become unmanageable and we deplete ourselves,” FitzPatrick says. “This is why healthy boundary-setting is so crucial to good mental health.”

Turn Off Technology During Your Morning Coffee Or Tea

According to Sarah Thacker, a therapist and health coach who specializes in working with women who struggle with emotional eating, an absurdly simple, but incredibly helpful self-care practice is making sure to switch off all forms of technology first thing in the morning — that means no email, social media, or TV until you’ve finished sipping and enjoying your morning bev. “While you’re having your morning coffee or tea, take a mindful minute to breathe deeply,” Thacker tells Elite Daily over email. This will help you begin your day on a completely clean slate, without the anticipation of worrying about what needs to get done or what will come next…

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