16 tips to help you be better at “adulting”!

16 tips to help you be better at “adulting”!

The meaning of happiness changes over time.

As we grow and mature, happiness will mean different things to different people.

But some of us struggle to grow; and some struggle to adapt their definitions of happiness.

If, like many, you’ve always struggled to “grow up” then here are some great tips to help you be better at “adulting”…

via the Ladders by Andrew Ferebee

I’m 30 now and I’d say that I’ve been “Adulting Well” for about 7 years.

As a result, I own a 7-figure business, have achieved total financial freedom, live by the beach, have an amazing girlfriend, I’m in the best shape of my life, and generally live a happy and amazing life.

Here are my tips to help you do the same.

(Important Note: Being an “Adult” is a matter of action and character … Not age. I know 40-year-old children and 16-year-old adults.)

Exercise daily

You owe it to yourself to take care of your body. I don’t care if you run, bike, pump iron, or throw a frisbee with your dog. Work up a sweat every day and take care of your body like it’s the only one you’ll ever have … because it is.

Stop looking for handouts

From mom, dad, the government, friends, and rich relatives. Take care of your own shit and be self reliant. It will lead to far more confidence and satisfaction in the long run.

Listen more than you speak

No one really cares about your opinion. So shut up, listen to others, and provide value when possible. No one likes that guy who only talks about himself…

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