The one form of exercise that will most improve your mental health!

The one form of exercise that will most improve your mental health!

via by Jeff Haden

Maybe you know that doing 20 minutes of moderate cardio can improve your mood for up to 12 hours afterwards. And that high intensity interval training (HIIT) can also improve your memory.

But what you probably don’t know–since the research was just published–is that team sports have the greatest impact on mental health. (No. 2? Cycling.)

The study is one the first of its kind, and easily the largest–1.2 million people participated–to analyze the effect of different types of exercise on overall mental health.

In general terms, physical activity performed in groups, like team sports or fitness classes, provides greater benefits than walking, running, or lifting weights. (I’m kinda bummed about the last one. Wait….)

To determine the rankings you’ll see below, researchers surveyed respondents to ask how many days in the previous month their mental health was “not good” due to depression, stress, or “problems with emotions.”

The following list shows how people reported feeling after a month of different activities, compared to people who were not physically active. (The result indicates the percentage of fewer poor mental health days; for example, those participating in team sports reported 22.3 percent fewer bad days than those who did not exercise)…

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