7 ways to ensure your phone does not take over your life!

7 ways to ensure your phone does not take over your life!

Smart phones and other tech gadgets are, these days, truly incredible.

They can complete or assist with all manner of tasks, and even in some ways make us happy!

At the same time, however, everything has a dark side; and the dark side of technology can for some, at times, be isolation and unhappiness. This tends to happen when they’re in control; not you.

So take control of your phone and your happiness with these 7 great tips from TED Ideas…

by Chris Bailey

We’re distracted like never before — and our phones are probably the biggest culprit. But there is a way you can live with one and still get things done. Productivity expert Chris Bailey shares what worked for him.

When your mind is even slightly resisting a task, it will look for novel things to focus on. And it doesn’t need to look far — only as far as your phone.

Our smartphones provide an endless stream of bite-sized, delicious information for our brains to consume. It’s easy to get hooked, even to feel addicted. And most of us would prefer not to feel this way. So last year, I started to hack my relationship with my phone, looking for small behavior changes I could make so that I would begin using my phone with intention, not automatically.

Here are 7 strategies I found useful to prevent phones from taking over our time and attention:

Strategy #1: Use airplane mode, even when you’re not in the air.

Airplane mode isn’t just for travel. Use it when you’re working on an important task or having coffee with someone you value. It makes a bigger difference than simply putting your phone in your pocket; when you do that, you’re still aware of the buzzing, vibrating notifications and distractions piling up and waiting for you. Airplane mode eliminates the possibility that notifications will disrupt your work or conversation.

Strategy #2: Do a phone swap.

While you should tuck your phone away while you’re with family or friends, there are times when you need to have it handy. On these occasions, try swapping phones with the people you’re hanging out with. This way, if you have to look something up, make a call, or send yourself a reminder, you’ll have a device to do it with — but it won’t be one that will suck you into a personalized world of distraction. If there is an urgent call or message on your phone, of course, your swap-mate has to promise to tell you, and vice versa…

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