This ONE ingredient could increase your success AND happiness!

This ONE ingredient could increase your success AND happiness!

via Forbes by William Arruda

When you think of enhancing your success at work, you might instantly focus on enrolling in a new professional development course or learning a new skill – or perhaps you’ll hunt for a time management app that will help you increase your productivity. But there is one often overlooked but wildly valuable action you should take. You need to find best friends at work. It’s friends with benefits (FWBs), but not those kinds of benefits. To amp up your success and happiness at work, don’t seek FWBs, focus on BWFs.

According to an article in Time by Eric Barker titled “The Way to Happiness: Remember the Four Ps,” 70% of happiness is linked to your relationships with other people.“People” is one of his four Ps, and this principle isn’t limited the people in your personal life.

In addition to making you happier, having a BWF will also increase your engagement at work. A Gallup survey found that having a best friend at work is one of twelve factors that are predictors of workplace engagement and success.For example, women who strongly agreed they have a best work friend were more than twice as likely to be engaged (63%) compared with the women who did not agree with the statement (29%).

In addition, professionals with BWFs were 43% more likely to report having received praise and recognition for their work in the previous week. And those with a BWF acknowledged that they felt recognized for their progress, their opinions mattered at work, and they had the opportunity to do what they do best every day…

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