How to be happy (nearly) all the time

How to be happy (nearly) all the time

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In the illustrated book, Brave Girls Club: Choose Happy, Melody Ross describes happiness as, quite simply, “a choice that we make every minute of every day”. Happiness is a much researched and sought-after state of being that philosophers and great thinkers alike have tried to explain. As they see it – happiness is simple and achievable.

When you’re faced with transition, change and disruption, happiness can feel unobtainable. I believe it’s there to be found, but not in the way you might believe it can be. Here’s my take on happiness: reimagined, with 6 somewhat unconventional ways to be happy (nearly) all the time.

  1. Love people; use things.

The 2015 documentary The Minimalists follows the journey of Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus defining the actual important aspects of life. Their mantra? “Love people, use things. The opposite never works.” Got an urge for something shiny? Keep asking why. Why do I want to buy that car? Because it will make me look successful. Why do I care about looking successful? Because of what [insert name of person] will think. Why do I care what [person] thinks? Well? Hang out with people who don’t care what car you drive, because it really doesn’t matter.

If we don’t find the way to happiness ourselves, other people will tell us how to get there. Marketing teaches you what not to be happy with; our relationships, job or appearance. Advertising guides us towards specific goods and services on the premise that they’ll make us happy. In reality, people often find that the things that they think will make them happy actually don’t. Money. Fame. Possessions. It’s well documented that lottery winners often regret having ever won the money.

Day-to-day this means focusing on the time you can spend with people you love and not on the objects you can purchase. Gifting your presence instead buying presents. Avoid those who make you feel rubbish and go see those who you enjoy spending time with…

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