Get things done in 2019 with these 3 simple steps

Get things done in 2019 with these 3 simple steps

Happiness in 2019?

It will be different for all of us but in one way or other, happiness this year will include achieving a few goals.

So here’s how you can be happy and successful by getting things done over the next 12 months…

via Forbes by Brian Thompson

Did you accomplish what you wanted for 2018? Last January, I suggested some practical tasks to help you get on track financially. But even with the best intentions, you may have fallen off the wagon at some point. Don’t fret. The new year is around the corner, and today I want to give you three simple steps you can take to help you get things done in 2019.

Step 1: Find out if you’re ready for change

You wanted to get on track last year. You meant to take charge of your finances. Why didn’t you? Maybe you just weren’t ready.

Advice that Sticks: How to Give Financial Advice That People Will Follow by Dr. Moira Somers has some terrific insights into why people change—and don’t change—their behavior. The book draws on research into behavioral finance, neuroscience and positive psychology to develop effective strategies for change.

Dr. Somers points out that when people don’t follow through on good advice, it’s not because they don’t understand it. It’s because they have trouble implementing it. In other words, no matter how great the advice I give, if it’s not something clients can easily act on, it’s useless to them.

One of the most interesting chapters discusses how crucial it is that clients are ready for change. And this applies whether you giving, getting or following your own advice. Dr. Somers offers four simple readiness questions that test your desire for change:

  • Readiness Question 1: What are your reason for wanting to make these changes?
  • Readiness Question 2: Can you think of any reasons for not changing?
  • Readiness Question 3: Do you feel ready to take action on this right now?
  • Readiness Question 4: How confident are you that this solution meets your needs?

By asking yourself these questions, you can ensure that you’re ready to take on the next challenge. Additionally, it allows you to focus on the next right step to take to get what you want done…

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