5 thieves that might be robbing you of your happiness

5 thieves that might be robbing you of your happiness

via Inc.com by Susan Streinbrecher

The end of the year is often a harbinger of reflection and of taking stock of our last trip around the sun. Countless lists are published measuring the highs and lows of the year, from movies and books to news stories and events. An article that recently caught my attention outlined “99 good news stories” from the past year that you may have overlooked in your news feed. It’s an uplifting read, and it got me thinking about happiness, optimism, and intent.

The pursuit of happiness is ingrained in our culture — it may even be woven into our DNA. We all dream of things that would make us happy, like a fulfilling career, robust health, a life of purpose, a supportive circle of family and friends, opportunities for travel and beautiful experiences — as well as time to enjoy them. There is nothing wrong with aspirations and ambition. A life of positive intention drives you to pursue your most cherished dreams and make them a reality.

However, if all these grand, external achievements were suddenly taken away, could you still be happy? Could you still view the future with a sense of optimism? Could you look into your heart and believe that the best in life is yet to come?

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