Grow yourself in 2019 with these 15 bold commitments

Grow yourself in 2019 with these 15 bold commitments

Happiness requires ongoing commitment and change.

Happiness is never static but always evolving.

So for happiness you too need to change and evolve. I hope this article helps you with this…

via the Ladders by Christopher D Connors 

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” — Albert Einstein

Resolutions. New Plans. Truths. Call ’em what you want.

I’m calling mine for 2019, “New Year’s Re-Commitments.”

Here’s why putting together your re-commitments matter:

We all get lost, immersed and sometimes trapped in what we’re doing. Whether it’s good, bad, productive or time wasted, we don’t often know it in the moment. This is why perspective is so important. It’s vital to our success that we take a step back, take inventory of what we’re doing, where we’re going and whether it’s the right thing for us.

Then, it’s all about re-committing to what matters most. The problem is that we simply haven’t committed to doing them with consistency. We need to re-commit to things we KNOW are right for us, and we’ve likely already done. We haven’t made them habit. That’s exactly what this reckoning- this renewal of beginning a new year- a new season- is all about.

Re-commit to what will make you, you. Begin another chapter in productivity and being your best.

This takes time, and it’s not nearly as fun as socializing or dreaming about that big idea. Most people walk away from dreams, not because of a lack of desire, but because they’re simply unwilling to “do the work.” Whenever you hear this very important phrase, know that “the work” first involves a foundation of values and then planning.

This must come before anything else! If you just jump in without direction, you may succeed at first, but sooner or later you’ll fail. It’s not sustainable. Good luck with yours! Here are my “re-commitments” for 2018. These are personal but they have broad application.

I think you’ll find a lot of yourself in here. I hope they give you the courage and confidence to put together your own resolutions in an effort to live the life you truly want!

1. Be more PRESENT

Presence is more than just coach speak. It’s true immersion in the moment with your heart, mind and soul. It’s mental, emotional, spiritual and physical awareness in all that you do. Being present and focusing only on what matters in that moment is paramount. It eliminates distractions. It gives the present moment you in your truest, most authentic form.

Live in the moment, every moment. You will maximize your happiness and results.

2. Faith without (the bad kind of) fear

Out of all the re-commitments on this list, this is perhaps my biggest barrier to overcome. Maybe it is for you, too. True belief in yourself without (the bad kind of) fear is one of life’s greatest challenges. There are good kinds of fear. You know, like knowing when to flee a burning building. Seeing your life plan on the wrong track and being concerned that you’ll end up living someone else’s life.

There are good kinds of fear.

But the fear of success, the fear of accomplishing your biggest goals — that’s terrible. This is where maximum faith and belief in yourself come in. Sometimes, you need a few days away to rediscover yourself and to re-prioritize. Hopefully the Christmas break did that for you. If not, take a step back and rejuvenate yourself and build your faith back up.

3. Belief in Yourself in all Moments that Leads to Confidence and Consistency

Related, similar, but not equal to #2, this is the manifestation of faith into something bigger that leads to tangible, proven results. The more confident we are, the more we know ourselves and can bridge the gap between our thoughts and actions, the more likely we are to do the things we want — and to do them well.

Proven results lead to confidence, and re-application leads to consistency. To start, you must be committed. To finish and achieve your goals, you must be consistent…

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