Tips to get closer to the people you care most about

Tips to get closer to the people you care most about

Happiness, health, longevity … they all depend on the quality of your relationships.

Happiness, in particular, is closely tied to friendships and a sense of belonging.

Accordingly, you can enhance your happiness by improving the nature of your connections and you’ll find some tips for doing this below…

via TED Ideas by Carly Alaimo 

By turning our get-togethers with friends into regular events, we can build the kinds of connections that will sustain us, says life coach Baya Voce.

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With all the “must dos” (work, pets, kids, home repairs, doctors’ visits) and “should dos” (eat right, sleep enough, check in with family, exercise) in our lives, there’s often little room for anything else. But what tends to fall between the cracks is everyone who doesn’t fall into those categories — like our friends and neighbors…

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