7 strategies to strengthen your relationships

7 strategies to strengthen your relationships

One of the founders of the Positive Psychology movement famously said, when it comes to happiness and life satisfaction … other people matter.

Happiness is NOT a solo-sport; it’s a team effort.

And the quality of our relationships is vital for our health, happiness and wellbeing.

So if you’d like to improve your relationships, keep reading…

via Psychology Today by Ronald Riggio

There are a number of well-researched psychological strategies that can help strengthen your love relationships. Here are seven strategies, the psychology behind them, and how to use them.

1. The Expectancy Effect. This is one of the most researched psychological phenomena. Psychologist Robert Rosenthal demonstrated that by holding positive expectations about another’s behavior, we can subtly influence their behavior in a good way (the “I-know-you-can-do-it” effect). Holding positive expectations about your loved one (“You are a good person”; “I think you are fabulous”; “You will succeed”) can not only make them feel better, but make them perform better as well.

2. Positive Social Support. Considerable research shows that giving positive support to a stressed loved one can help them cope. The key, however, is to avoid negativity in the supportive relationship. Examples of negative social support are comments like “I told you so,” or lashing out in a scolding or punitive manner. Be positively supportive by listening rather than telling. If your partner primarily needs to be heard and understood, be empathic and supportive (see empathic listening below). If problem solving is in order, try to help solve the problem. Be what your loved one needs at the given time. If in doubt, ask.

3. Norm of Reciprocity. This is the “one good turn deserves another” phenomenon that has important implications for all of the other strategies. In essence, the norm of reciprocity states that if someone does us a favor, we feel indebted and there is a psychological motivation to return the favor. So, if our partner compliments us, we feel the urge to return the compliment. The key is to keep the norm in positive territory – focusing on our loved one’s positive attributes and behaviors. Compliment, perform some favor, help out with some chore – and you will usually receive something positive in return…

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