Get outside and in to nature; it’s really good for you!

Get outside and in to nature; it’s really good for you!

Back at work? Doesn’t mean you have to confine yourself to the desk and office.

Busy with parenting and/or household chores? Sure this doesn’t take ALL of your day.

Stuck inside more than you’d like? Get outside! Now; and as much as you can…

…why? Because spending time in nature is good for your health, happiness and wellbeing. And who doesn’t want more health, happiness and wellbeing?

via Bustle by Sanam Yar

Be honest with yourself: Can you remember the last time you truly hung out in nature, reveling in all its tree-dotted glory? Scientific research has long documented how spending time in the great outdoors (and not just as a means to travel from point A to point B) can have numerous benefits for your overall well-being and mental health, and the field is only growing (no pun intended). A recent study, published in The Journal of Positive Psychology, found that even spending as little as five minutes outdoors was linked to a significant mood boost.

In the study, University of Regina students in Canada were assessed in a windowless lab room versus a nature group, where the students got to sit on a bench in “an urban park” on campus. Unsurprisingly, the bench-sitters who experienced five to 15 minutes of nature reported a “reliably improved” emotional state via a significant increase in positive and “self-transcendent” emotions, with the duration outside (five minutes versus 15) having no impact on results.

While millennials tend to be happier in larger, urban environments and are flocking to cities, according to a report by CityLab, that’s no excuse not to incorporate a little more fresh air into your life in order to reap the benefits. Fittingly, here are five ways that being in nature can affect your brain

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