7 ways to boost your self-esteem

7 ways to boost your self-esteem

To enjoy happiness, one needs to feel good about oneself.

This is not the same as narcissism; but rather, a form of self-confidence that’s beneficial to feeling happy.

via the Guardian by Amy Sedghi

Check negative self-talk

How we value and perceive ourselves and our abilities is believed to be strongly tied to influences in childhood. A recent longitudinal studyfollowing nearly 9,000 participants in the US from birth to age 27 found that family environment (covering parenting, cognitive stimulation and physical home environment) in childhood, and especially in the first six years of life, has a long-term impact on self-esteem. The first step to achieving healthy self-esteem as an adult, suggests the NHS, is to challenge negative beliefs you have about yourself, perhaps by writing down self-critical thoughts and the evidence against them, or by speaking to yourself the way you would of a friend.

Don’t compare yourself with others

It’s impossible to get an accurate view of other people, says the clinical psychologist Linda Blair, especially from their online presence. “You’re comparing yourself with a fantasy, and that will lead to either excessive striving or disappointment.” She advises focusing on what you yourself want to accomplish instead. Her other advice is to “get rid of the word ‘should’”. People can put a lot of effort into what they think others want or expect from them, which they may have misjudged – a recipe for unhappiness, she says.

Set yourself manageable goals

Aiming for too-ambitious a goal can be setting yourself up for failure, knocking your self-confidence even if you have taken big steps towards it. A sense of accomplishment is key to maintaining your pride, says Blair, who suggests setting short- to mid-term goals…

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