To be happy and successful, you really need to learn these life skills

To be happy and successful, you really need to learn these life skills

For almost two decades now, I’ve been saying that…

…achieving happiness requires little more than practising a few simple disciplines, each and every day.

That’s just another way of saying that happiness is the result of certain intentional behaviours; and those behaviours can be considered in much the same way as skills; and just like any other skills the more you practice them the better you get.

Hence, certain life skills will bring more happiness and if this is something you’d like to enjoy then keep reading…

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a company leader, or an entry-level employee, there are certain life skills that will not only increase your chances of being successful but will also help you maintain that success.

As I plot my goals for this year, one is making sure my kids are consistently learning these skills — I still don’t see them being taught in school as much as they should, which is a bit disappointing. These include things like personal finance, which my mom taught me at an early age. This actually set me up to obtain my first loan for my first business.

But what other important life skills are needed to help you — or your children — become super successful in life? Here are seven skills that I believe are absolutely essential.

1. Money management

I recently set up bank accounts for my 2-year-old and 5-year-old. As crazy as that may sound, my bank offers a 5 percent interest rate on its checking accounts for up to $500. Needless to say, I was pretty amped about that. But the real purpose was more about getting them to think about saving money and setting goals. Yes, that’s right: My 5-year-old has financial goals.

Unfortunately, I frequently run into people who desperately want to start their own business or make the jump from their crappy corporate job. Unfortunately, money prevents them from achieving these goals because they don’t have the down payment or financial cushion to take a worthwhile risk.

2. Mental health

It used to be taboo to bring up your mental health among friends. However, as society has become more open about the importance of mental health, it’s become acceptable to acknowledge that your mental health is something that you need to work on.

“Mental health” doesn’t just refer to being diagnosed with a mental illness: Mental health also covers lacking confidence, paralysis from setbacks, and too much negative self-talk. These not only can drastically affect your performance, but they can also lead to a lack of gratitude and resilience — and, eventually, contentment. As a result, this can make it so that no matter how well you perform, you don’t take even a second to appreciate your success. You struggle to be thankful for what you have or dust yourself off when you fall down…

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