What if you could overcome anxiety with this one, simple mental hack?

What if you could overcome anxiety with this one, simple mental hack?

Anxiety is one of the most common forms of mental ill-health; and not surprisingly, it’s one of the most common contributors to a lack of happiness.

It’s hard to be happy if you’re stressed and worried much of the time.

But the good news is, anxiety is also one of the most treatable forms of psychological distress; and accordingly, those who experience anxiety can learn to manage their worry better and thus, enjoy more happiness and a better life.

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via the Ladders by Ashley Abramson

Imagine you’re doing something that gives you anxiety or causes you stress. Maybe you’re about to have a difficult conversation with your boss, or perhaps you’re getting ready for a party where you’ll bump into people you haven’t seen in ages. If your heart is starting to beat faster, you’re not alone. But what if a simple perspective shift could help you manage the clammy hands and racing heartbeat that come with your anxiety — and even help you to be a little thankful for what you’re feeling?

When it comes to negative emotions like stress, anxiety, and even depression, your perception matters: There’s scientific evidence that how we think about our emotions drastically affects how we feel. Have you ever noticed that focusing on how stressful something is makes it feel even more stressful? The reverse can be true too. By focusing on the positive parts of an experience, you can actually reduce stress.

The concept is called “cognitive reappraisal,” and the gist is that by shifting our perspective on emotions, we can actually reduce the duration and intensity of feelings like sadness and anxiety. A 2014 study found that reappraising anxiety as excitement helped people with performance anxiety more than merely focusing on “staying calm.” Another study from 2010 shows that emotional regulation, another term for cognitive reappraisal, can help reduce symptoms of depression…

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