A surprisingly easy way to become happier

A surprisingly easy way to become happier

For many, many years now I’ve been saying that enjoying happiness requires little more than practising a few simple disciplines, each and every day.

Although happiness isn’t always easy, especially for some of us, it need not be overly complicated either.

I’ve always been reluctant to highlight ONE THING or ONE SECRET to happiness; but this article shines a light on something that’s well worth considering and trialling…

via Forbes by Peter Ubel

What makes people happy? A load of studies tell us that human interaction is key to our happiness. But what kind of interactions matter?  And does interaction increase everyone’s happiness, or is it something primarily beneficial to extraverts?

A fantastic study set out to answer these questions. In the study, researchers audio-recorded random times in people’s daily lives, and had research assistants figure out how often people were either: (1) alone; (2) engaged in small talk; or (3) engaged in substantive conversation. They also measured people’s life satisfaction.

They conducted the study in four groups of people: college students; people with cancer and their spouses; adults who were in a meditation trial; and recently divorced or separated adults.

Want to guess what makes people happy?

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