Do you find the news depressing?

Do you find the news depressing?

If you answered YES then you’re not alone.

Most “news” these days is excessively focused on the negatives; accordingly, it can sap our happiness and affect not just our mood, but also our productivity and more.

One of the simplest strategies for boosting happiness is to STOP watching the news; but of course, like most things in life, it’s more complex than that.

If you’d like to learn more about this strategy and what you might be able to do to take care of yourself and your happiness, then keep reading…

via Big Think by Robert Montenegro

We already know that being exposed to negative news raises one’s stress in the short term. Now recent research — published in 2015 — indicates it can also hurt the quality of your work in the long term.

Authors Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan, writing for Harvard Business Review, explain that their findings suggest we should steer clear of media outlets when we begin our day:

“We believe that negative news influences how we approach our work and the challenges we encounter at the office because it shows us a picture of life in which our behavior does not matter. The majority of news stories showcase problems in our world that we can do little or nothing about. We see the market dropping 500 points or ISIS poised to attack, and we feel powerless to change those outcomes. In psychology, believing our behavior is irrelevant in the face of challenges is called ‘learned helplessness,’ which has been connected with low performance and higher likelihood of depression.”

Achor and Gielan have been researching this topic for several years…

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