You can’t win all the time – and that’s OK

You can’t win all the time – and that’s OK

Happiness is winning.

But happiness need not be about winning all the time.

And happiness is about much more than winning; it’s also about how you lose or how you define winning and losing or how you respond to and interpret losing.

In fact, just like happiness, winning and losing are relative terms, entirely dependant on our interpretations.

Anyway, as noted, no one wins all the time but this is how you can make it work for you…

via TED Ideas by Daniella Balarezo

When we come thisclose to triumph, we gain potent energy that we can use to fuel later success, says business school professor Monica Wadhwa.

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When we daydream about being at the Olympics or the Academy Awards, we usually picture ourselves as the winners — standing there tearfully while we’re given a gold medal or golden statuette — and not as one of the stoic, stunned also-rans.

But maybe we should imagine ourselves as a runner-up. That’s because, according to Monica Wadhwa, marketing professor at Temple University’s Fox School of Business in Philadelphia, “not winning is, in fact, more powerful than winning,”

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