Follow these 4 principles to overcome the biggest challenges in your life

Follow these 4 principles to overcome the biggest challenges in your life

Happiness doesn’t always come easily; not for some of us, anyway.

Neither does success in life; no matter how we define it.

Instead, happiness and success inevitably involve overcoming challenges; in fact some might say that happiness comes FROM the overcoming of challenges.

So if you’d like to be better at dealing with adversity and if you’d like to feel more resilient, then keep reading…

via the Ladders by Christopher D Connors

Within each day, each moment of life, each challenge, adversity and mistake, there’s something to be won. Everything we categorize or think of as a loss can be converted into a win. The magic of life is about self-discovery: It’s our job to find the wins, to recognize the opportunities for personal growth and to move forward wiser, more self-aware and better prepared for the next battle.

If we focus and concentrate, using the power of our minds, we’ll begin the process of overcoming the things that hold us back. We’ll start to embrace the battles and view them as part of a longer journey — one that will take us to highs, lows and everything in between. Everything I’ve learned in my business career and personal life has taught me that equanimity is the most important unspoken truth of life.

The moment that we allow life to drag us down, thinking that there’s some indefinite time period before we can recover, is the moment that we surrender our free will. Successful businesswomen like Sheryl Sandberg have used adversity to their advantage repeatedly and have moved forward with brilliance and grace.

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran overcame a major stuttering problem as a child to become one of the most successful recording artists on the planet. Remarkable that someone who struggled with stuttering could wow so many people with the power of his voice. Sheeran refused to give up.

Basketball star LeBron James never gets too high after a big game, and never believes anything is too challenging. In the 16th year of his long, storied career, he has been pressed to his physical limits and yet again, finds himself competing as the best player in the world. He’s lost six times in the NBA Finals. But he keeps coming back for more.

It’s why he’s a champion and one of the greatest players to ever live.

“The battles that count aren’t the ones for gold medals. The struggles within yourself, the invisible, inevitable battles inside all of us, that’s where it’s at.” Jesse Owens

Winning the battle takes extra effort and more than we thought possible. But it’s there if we want it. We must accept the challenge and we must do so with a spirit of courage that embraces risk. If you’re not willing to risk, if you just want to play things conservatively and hope for the best, you’ll be sorely disappointed. The conservative route is a loser’s strategy, and yet so many people think minimizing risk in ventures is the right way to play.

The battle within is triggered by external stimuli. We either react to what comes at us or take up the gauntlet and start attacking life proactively with a winner’s mindset. If you sit there and wait all the time, life begins to consume you. The struggle to be successful in your career starts to feel overwhelming every time you let up and think you can coast by.

Your relationships begin to flounder when you stop working for them and think that everyone should “come to you” and things will work out all right. Life is a contact sport and you must be willing to compete and battle for what completes you. This means mastering your emotional and mental abilities through a mindset geared toward continuous improvement.

To be at peace mentally and emotionally, we often need to be at peace spiritually. This means — we have to accept life for what it is, to acknowledge things at face value, then do our best to influence and impact how we want to change things so they will align with our truth — our vision and purpose. It is this vision and purpose that must guide us to win the battle within…

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