Make changes now! How to hit reset on your life!

Make changes now! How to hit reset on your life!

It’s arguable whether happiness is a destination or journey.

Does happiness come from achieving or from striving? or both?

Further, is happiness accepting what is, or changing to become?

Either way, change most often comes from small, gradual improvements. Yet there are times we need more immediate and radical change; and this article suggests how this can be brought about…

via the Ladders by Thomas Oppong

You’re convinced that something must change, whether in your work or personal life. But you are struggling to figure it out.

Sometimes an area of your life — or perhaps more than one — has gone completely off track and you feel like you can’t move forward.

The power of resetting is that at any given moment in life, you truly can reset yourself, career, or relationship.

You give yourself an entirely fresh start, a clean slate to begin your efforts anew; it completely clears your mind of all the unfinished to-dos, burdensome distractions, and nagging questions in life.

If predictable patterns in your life are not given you the results you seek, change course. Don’t do what you’ve always done.

Switch off the usual suspects and embrace a new challenge.

The golden opportunity to change is now.

Hit reset. Start over. Start a new chapter.

The essence of life is living it to the fullest.

Are you living a meaningful life right now?

A reset is your personal empowerment “button” — accessible anytime you desire change.

A reset allows you to make improvements in your daily life in any shape or form you choose, at a pace you can comfortably commit to.

Hitting the reset button is the only way to avoid hitting a permanent wall…

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