5 things you can learn from happy people to overcome sadness

5 things you can learn from happy people to overcome sadness

via Forbes by Paloma Cantero-Gomez

Your smile is right for your brain, your body and those others around you. Smiling activates the release of feel-good-messengers while releasing dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin into your bloodstream, making your body relax and your mind breathe. Endorphins are natural painkillers, 100% naturally produced by your own body. Smiling is also infectious because the part of our brain responsible for the facial expression of smiling is located in the cingulate cortex that is an unconscious automatic response area. So our smile makes others around us smile and vice-versa!

We all want to feel happy. For us and for the happiness of those we care about. But there are days and days. And even happy people have to sometimes confront those moments of sadness and internal heaviness that seems to place a big grey rainy cloud over our heads making us experience a particular urgency to run away or simply throw in the towel and giving up.

So what to do then? How to overcome the grumpiness and bring the smile back as soon as possible avoiding long days of dryness, confusion and general mental laziness? Well. Sometimes the answer is as simple as human nature! These 5 essential remedies were proposed by an XIII century theologian and philosopher and proven today by science showing how understanding the hearts of human beings has many times more of common sense than expected.

1. Give yourself a pleasure

Yes! Chocolate is a powerful antidepressant, and a good glass of wine gladdens the soul!

Focusing on the basic joy that the smallest things can bring to our lives is a potent trick to fight against gloominess. When you feel like your mind is starting to get down, make sure that you help it out by powering your body with any of all those little and healthy pleasures that make you smile when you think about them…

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