5 ways to turn failure into success

5 ways to turn failure into success

Even the happiest people experience unhappiness at times.

Even the most successful people fail sometimes.

Happiness and success are not “always”. In fact, happiness and success can be helped by unhappiness and failure if … one learns from one’s mistakes!

Accordingly, there’s nothing inherently wrong with getting things wrong; we’ll all do it. But if you want to enjoy MORE happiness and success read on…

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Failure is never a fun experience.

We all know it’s coming. We all know that failure happens to every one of us. But not one person goes into a day saying (and truly meaning) “I’m so excited to fail today!” No one…

So when you find yourself experiencing back-to-back failures, it’s not simply that failure sucks. When it’s a pattern, it’s crushing. One failure can be explained away as nothing more than learning and results. A few failures can be viewed as feedback. But show me one person who’s had months of failure after failure who also still views it as an opportunity to learn and grow and I’ll show you a person who’s not telling you the whole story.

Here’s the truth about experiencing a pattern of failure over months or years: it strips away your confidence, self-esteem, and level of self-belief. It makes self-doubt stronger than your faith. It has you questioning your mission, purpose and faith. It tempts you to live life on the sidelines and play it “safe.”

And if you have people in your life who are criticizing your dreams or cross-examining your results, you feel even worse.

I could quote you the best advice on failure where philosophers, entrepreneurs and famous people point out the value of failure, the power of failing forward, or how much failure points to our success… I’m not going to do that. Go to Pinterest and type in ‘failure quotes’ and you’ll get a bunch of those.

The quotes are powerful and true but they won’t help you rebuild your confidence, self-belief, or level of self-trust.

So how do you turn a pattern of failure into success?

I’m going to give you practical, tactical strategies that work when you work them.

Here are 5 strategies you can use:

1. Get to the bottom of why you keep failing.

If you’re failing repeatedly in a specific area of your life, the problem isn’t your goal; it’s your strategy… and, when we’re floundering, for whatever reason, the last thing we want to look at changing is our approach to the goal.

Let me be clear: a pattern of consistent failure is telling you are using the WRONG strategy.

Listen to that information and objectively assess your strategies.

  • What results are they producing?
  • What results do you need?
  • How long have you used this strategy?
  • When was the last time you tried something new?
  • How are you measuring the results of each strategy?

It’s time to get VERY clear on whether your strategy is working, what you’re doing to measure the effectiveness of EACH strategy and to actively change strategies every three to four weeks so you can find the right strategy to achieve your goals…

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