These 3 choices will (negatively) affect your happiness and success 10 years from now!

These 3 choices will (negatively) affect your happiness and success 10 years from now!

via by Scott Mautz

Happiness and success come from choices. You do the best you can to make the right ones along the way but so many things can distract or derail you. Some wayward decisions won’t amount to much more than learning opportunities for you down the road. But others can lead to something far more substantial: regret.

That’s where I come in, to help increase awareness of three quite common, but quite caustic, decisions any of us can get lulled into making. With awareness comes action, the ability for you to decide differently.

Here are three corrosive choices to avoid, as doing the opposite is certain to lead to greater career and life success.

1. Giving in to fear born out of practicality.

We do so many things either out of love or fear, and quite often fear is disguised as practicality. “I’d love to, but…” is the most quietly debilitating refrain you can utter.

There are always reasons not to take that business risk, not to make the leap and start that entrepreneurial venture, not to switch industries and pursue a completely different job, not to turn down that money and instead go teach, and so on.

Try this language instead: “I’m going to, and…”

And I know I can only fail if I quit, don’t improve, or never try. And I know that failure is never a person, it’s only an event, a point in time. And I know that the worst that can happen is eminently manageable and nowhere close to living with never having tried.

And I know if I don’t try, practicality wins yet again.

Happiness and success come from choosing not to rationalize away things that help you realize a better version of yourself. 

Start small. The next time you catch yourself saying “I’d love to, but…,”¬†quickly switch to “I’m going to, and…,” then spend your time sorting through the “and.” You’ll see that as you take on bigger and bigger risks, the “and” becomes less and less daunting…

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