If you want more happiness and a better life … do these 8 things first!

If you want more happiness and a better life … do these 8 things first!

You could argue that happiness needs preparation; that to enjoy happiness, one first needs to build a solid foundation on which to build joy and satisfaction.

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via Inc.com by Scott Mautz

With so many investments required of us to succeed–time, resources, talents, responsibilities, even finances for our retirement— it’s easy to lose sight of the most difficult investment of all to commit to.


Getting to the point where you’re ready to start upgrading to you 2.0 isn’t easy. But it doesn’t mean dropping the ball everywhere else. It’s not about omissions, but admissions. The eight that follow, in fact. Come clean with yourself to kickstart your personal growth.

1. Unstuck starts with “u”.

No one overtly chooses to stop learning and growing again, it just kind of happens in the deluge of daily responsibilities (and life). And if it were easy to just kick it into gear again, you would have already done it. 

But the truth is inescapable, if you want to get off that plateau to higher ground, it’s up to you–and only you. No one will just hand you a steady stream of opportunities for growth.

2. You’ve been working in your life, not on it.

Activity is often confused for acceleration. I was guilty of this for years in corporate, staying incessantly busy, but not admitting I was bored. I was lost in activity, simply working in my life and what it had become and not stepping back to take time to question, rethink, and reframe what I wanted my life to be.

Once I did that, once I began working on my life, quitting corporate, becoming an entrepreneur, restructuring my life, I started growing once again. And I’ve never been happier.

3. Things aren’t happening to you, they’re happening for you.

A victim mentality is the mortal enemy of personal growth. Lamenting over everything that has gone wrong in your life only saps energy from working to make more things go right.

If you want to kickstart growth, you must view setbacks as having a purpose, and then put them in their place. The past shouldn’t run or define you–only fuel you…

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