Do these 5 things every day for more happiness & success

Do these 5 things every day for more happiness & success

via Forbes by William Arruda

Even people who love their jobs can find work to be exhausting. Demands are high, and the speed of change can make our professional lives unsettling or challenging. There are some things, however, that you can do every day that will help you avoid burnout and amp up the joy at work:

1. Focus on the work you love. We all have parts of our job that we don’t like. Accept it. There aren’t many people I know who love submitting expense reports, for example. No job is perfect. But don’t dwell on those frustrating or boring elements. When you do, you’re adopting a mindset of negativity and dread. Spend time thinking about the parts of your job that bring you joy. Then find ways to do more of that.

 2. Express gratitude. One thing that will surely make you (and those around you) happier at work is to express appreciation. Acknowledge others for their contributions, support, advice and unique gifts. When you praise someone else, you make two people feel good. In addition, when you praise others—especially publicly—you show those around you that you’re a leader and team player. Praise is one of those oddly limitless commodities, so deliver it regularly…

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