if you want to avoid burnout, then this is how much you need to rest

if you want to avoid burnout, then this is how much you need to rest

It’s hard to be happy if you’re (literally) sick and tired all the time.

But unfortunately, many of us are tired much of the time.

And this is one of the main reasons many don’t enjoy enough happiness; because they don’t get enough sleep and rest.

But the good news is you can enjoy more happiness; and better health and wellbeing, as well as avoiding most stress and burnout. Sound good?

It is good! So to find out how much rest and sleep you need for optimum health and happiness, keep reading….

via Emily Nagoski and Amelia Nagoski

Exactly how much rest is “adequate”?

Science is clear on the amount: it’s 42 percent.

That’s the percentage of time your body and brain need you to spend resting. It’s about 10 hours out of every 24. It doesn’t have to be every day; it can average out over a week or a month or more. But yeah. That much.

“That’s ridiculous! I don’t have that kind of time!” you might protest — and we predicted you might feel that way.

We’re not saying you should take 42 percent of your time to rest; we’re saying if you don’t take the 42 percent, the 42 percent will take you. It will grab you by the face, shove you to the ground, put its foot on your chest, and declare itself the victor…

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