This may well be the secret to a lifetime of happiness!

This may well be the secret to a lifetime of happiness!

via Forbes by Rob Dube

Happiness. What does it really mean?

Personally, this is something I think about on a pretty regular basis. After all, the word happiness evokes different meanings and feelings for everyone. It could be tied to comfort, money, family, success, or any number of factors within our lives. 

My curiosity surrounding the meaning of true happiness—plus one of my friends and business mentors, Ari Weinzwieg—inspired my company, imageOne, to start an annual happiness survey.

Every year, my team members record their “Happy Metric,” as well as anything currently contributing to their score. As the years pass, we track this metric to measure each person’s overall sentiment both at work and beyond.Today In: Small Business

The results of this exercise have done more than help guide our leadership team in creating a positive, healthy work environment. It’s also made the word “happiness” take on a new quality for me. 

As I began following up on the surveys, I noticed that people had vastly different ways of defining what happiness meant to them despite recording consistent scores. For example, five team members might rank their happiness at an eight. Then, I’d read five vastly different reasons for why they’re at that level.

I couldn’t help but wonder what led to our personal views of happiness. What aspects of joy do we all have in common, and what sets us apart? Also, is there an easy way to find happiness for ourselves, especially if we feel like it lacks in our lives? 

Perhaps that’s why I was so drawn to Lisa Cypers Kamen and her pursuit of happiness. 

Lisa’s an internationally recognized applied positive psychology coach, author of Are We Happy Yet?, speaker, filmmaker, and host of the Harvesting Happiness podcast. She’s dedicated her career to the study of what it means to be happy. She’s also the founder of Harvesting Happiness for Heroes, a nonprofit with a mission to provide positive psychology methods for current and past military members.

She’s developed incredible tools and strategies created to add more optimism into our lives. It’s unlikely that there will ever be a singular definition of happiness, but Lisa’s determined to try….

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