10 ways you can overcome your fears and live your dreams

10 ways you can overcome your fears and live your dreams

Most people think about happiness as involving good times and good feelings.

And it does; obviously happiness IS about enjoying the positive things in life, including positive emotions.

But sometimes, our greatest happiness comes from the achievement and satisfaction we gain from challenging ourselves and winning.

Accordingly, sometimes, happiness involves experiencing so-called “negative emotions” so we can reach new heights…

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As a psychotherapist and mental strength coach, I have the privilege of listening to people share their dreams with me. I also have the honor of hearing about the deepest fears that stand between people and their dream life.

Whether someone’s dream is to write a book, or travel the world, almost everyone experiences fear. And many people allow those fearful thoughts to talk to them out of living their dream.

I understand these fears completely. In the past, I always worked a traditional job and lived in a real house.

But four years ago, I quit my job and began living on a sailboat in tropical places. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. But it was scary to make such a big change. Like most other people, I was afraid I’d go broke or that I wouldn’t be happy with the changes.

Other common fears include things like the fear of failure or the fear of getting hurt. And quite often, it’s a combination of several fears that prevents people from stepping outside of their comfort zones and crushing their goals. 

Fortunately, no matter how big your dreams are and no matter how big your fears are, these steps can help you create your dream life.

1. Make a Plan

Don’t quit your day job or head for the hills without a proper plan. Without a clear plan, your fears are likely to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Write down your plan but stay flexible. Even the best plans need to be revised regularly.

2. Create a Timeline

There’s a big difference between saying you’d like to travel the world “someday” and saying, “Two years from now, I plan to have an RV and a remote job that lets me travel.” 

Since “someday” never appears on the calendar, you aren’t likely to move toward your goals until you create an end date. Establish a realistic timeline for creating your dream and get to work now.

3. Establish Short-Term Goals

The steps in your timeline will include the short-term goals you’ll need to reach to make your dream a reality.

Start taking action steps now, even if the action only involves research. You might decide to spend 30 minutes each day researching a topic or two days per month attending workshops thing that will help you get closer to the life of your dreams…

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