12 things to be thankful for

12 things to be thankful for

Happiness and gratitude.

Gratitude and happiness.

They go together like sugar and spice, all things nice and, well… gratitude and happiness.

And there are so many things we can and should be thankful for. Here are just a few …

via Forbes by Kevin and Jackie Frieberg

The American philosopher Eric Hoffer once said, “The hardest arithmetic to master is that which enables us to count our blessings.” 

Whether physical, emotional, professional, relational, spiritual or financial, life is riddled with challenges. Sometimes it is more difficult to count our blessings over our burdens.

Martin Seligman, commonly known as the founder of Positive Psychology, suggests that optimism and gratitude are essential to a more positive outlook and a life that flourishes. Seligman’s work centers on teaching people skills for shifting perspectives to enhance their overall quality of life. 

Today In: Leadership

According to Seligman, perspective matters. Pessimism can lead to a hopeless and helpless mindset. Optimism can lead to contentment with the past, happiness in the present and hope for the future.

Leadership is about dispensing hope and energizing people. Gratitude is indispensable to this. A culture anchored in optimism and gratitude has some powerful benefits. People are more willing to step into uncertainty and risk to accelerate innovation. When gratitude is part of the organization’s DNA, people have a positive emotional reserve to draw on during tough times, to weather the storms of change and to see opportunities that may be hidden to others.

Here are 12 ideas that have helped us shift our perspectives and live in the grace of each day. Perhaps they are worth sharing with family and friends as you break bread this week. But don’t limit gratitude to something you focus on just during this holiday season, make it a practice in your organization and see if you get some amazing results.  

1. Good Friends – Good Memories

Not long ago, a client told us she chooses to spend money on memories, not things. Things perish. Memories last a lifetime. If you have one good friend with whom you’ve created some precious, lasting memories, be thankful. If you have several good friends, you are richly blessed. If not, look for a kindred spirit, reach out, take a risk and grow a friendship.

 2. Hard Times

Most people hate hard times, but in difficult times character grows. People develop perseverance and a greater appreciation for the good times. Hard times lead to vulnerability, and vulnerability creates space for people to support us. People can get through almost anything when they know they are loved and know someone has their back. Could you pay it forward and return the support?

 3. Disruptive Honesty

Self-awareness and a high EQ (emotional intelligence) are among the virtues of great leadership and meaningful friendships. Yet, we all operate with blind spots. People see the world through personal filters. People who know us intimately and love us unconditionally, who are willing to speak the truth, can be disruptive and unnerving. Yet, they are a rare gift because those relationships help us become better.

To know people who are for us and who are willing to rumble in “tough conversations” is an asset. Be grateful for your rumble buddies…

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