How to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals

How to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals

via TED Ideas by Bina Venkataraman

We all have important things we want to accomplish, but there are so many distractions and stumbling blocks that may get in our way. Here, writer Bina Venkataraman shares a startlingly easy strategy to use to defeat future challenges.

Playing poker is like planning for the future in one sense: You’re making decisions with limited information, and a lot depends on chance. You can control what you do with only the cards and chips you have; you can’t control what cards you or your opponents are dealt, or what the other players do. You make your choices amid uncertainty about how it will all pan out.

For the situations in our lives where we can anticipate what we might encounter — there are predictable obstacles that get in our way — the tricks of successful poker players can be illuminating. Matt Matros, a World Series of Poker champion who has earned more than $2 million, shared with me one of the rituals he credits for his success. When he first started playing, Matros loved the thrill of winning but because he also hated losing, he rarely won a tournament. He was too timid to play hands worth betting on. Trying to avoid momentary loss dimmed his long-run prospects — similar to how some investors lose their cool when they see dips in their stocks.

Matros, who earned a degree in math in college, became a poker champion only after coming up with a nerdy strategy. He decided he would aim for a certain ratio of bluffs to “value bets”— bets when he actually had a good hand — in a given game. When he didn’t have a good hand, he would fold a certain percentage of the time and he’d bluff the other times…

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