60-Second Habits for Quick Bursts of Personal Growth

60-Second Habits for Quick Bursts of Personal Growth

Personal growth and ongoing development have been shown to be associated with greater happiness.

Happiness partly comes from accepting who we are and in what circumstances we live; but also, happiness comes from identifying areas in which we can improve and then working hard to make positive changes.

Personal growth, therefore, is part of personal happiness. And if this interests you then keep reading…

via Inc.com by Scott Mautz

Anyone working in a business big or small can benefit from one universally powerful thing: personal growth. Entrepreneurs are some of the hungriest for it because there’s so much to learn when you set out to start your own thing and often there’s so little feedback given to you. Personal growth includes, and leads to, growth as a leader and business person because it means you’re expanding your overall capacity for learning, adapting, and fostering change (all vital for business success).

Not all personal growth has to be grounded in lengthy, involved processes, however. Sometimes, quick strike efforts suffice. I reconnected with personal growth once I left my corporate job and dove into my own entrepreneurial venture. I was forced to get “unstuck”, get off my plateau and quickly learn a bevy of new things.

Combining this personal experience with experience coaching people like me who left corporate to become an entrepreneur (and reignite their learning), I can share six quick, powerful hacks for enabling little doses of personal growth. Take 60 seconds to do any of these and get that growing going.

1. Pause to ask what good and great looks like.

Before engaging in an important project or task, take 60 seconds to ask a mentor, customer, or boss (if you have one) to clarify the difference between what good and great looks like relative to completion of the work.

Often times, we don’t do our best work because we simply don’t understand the difference between good and great. If the definition of great (or even good) is such that it requires you learning new things, you just built yourself a mini-learning plan. Growth will follow.

2. Emphasize assets not deficits.

The next time you find yourself in a moment where you’re about to face a daunting challenge, take 60 seconds to remind yourself of all the assets you have working in your favor, like your strengths, your experience, or the support you have from others. Resist the temptation to focus on all the things you don’t have or that are working against you.

Growth happens when we build up from a place of possibility, not tear down from a place of pessimism…

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