4 powerful habits for a happier and more successful 2020

4 powerful habits for a happier and more successful 2020

Looking to make the New Year a year of happiness and success and resilience?

Hoping 2020 has even more happiness and joy; achievement and accomplishment?

If so, the good news is that it’s possible; you can learn what works from those who’re already happy and successful…

via Inc.com by Scott Maultz

Success is no cakewalk. It takes every ounce of perseverance and strength you’ve got. That includes mental strength. And some people seem to have an advantage here, i.e. the mentally strongest individuals (whose inner strength leads to outer success–think Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey). Such mental strength yields better decisions and more positive mindsets, which any entrepreneur or leader can benefit from. 

The mentally strongest have four powerful habits in particular that typify their fortitude and that foreshadow future success. Emulate them by doing these four things.

1. Don’t lose sight of your anchor.

It’s easy, especially in times of change, to lose sight of your core, your most closely held values. Remembering your values in times of adversity is a source of strength, resolve, and perspective, and keeps you grounded.

Values are those little things we do each day that exemplify who we are. They’re the daily little impressions that leave a huge permanent impression. If I asked you to write down your most closely held, non-negotiable values, could you? My survey work conducted in classes I teach at Indiana University indicates that only 30 percent of people can write down their non-negotiable values within any reasonable time frame.

If you fall into the 70 percent, take some time for introspection to write your values down and keep them in front of you. If you can do that, it makes you much more likely to live each day in support of your values versus in spite of them. It’s greatly helpful in times adversity, as it’s during such times that our true character shows, aided by our values. Our values are the arm around our character that holds it steady and guides it down the right path…

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